A spring heatwave

This is it folks, Queensland summer has begun early.

We are in the middle of a heatwave with long-standing records being broken all over the place with some towns reaching 39 degrees yesterday and it’s still only spring.

Fire warnings have been issued and crews are battling scores of grass and bush fires around south-east Queensland.

Over at the allotment the pressure is on to keep my little seedlings from giving up the ghost.  Water is a precious commodity and one of the answers during drought conditions is mulch, mulch, mulch. We can buy a bale of sugar cane mulch for $7 at the community farm where I have my allotment and that’s what I use.


Sugar cane mulch

Mulch is essential to your garden during drought conditions. (Our recent storm is just a memory.)  It will reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil reducing your need to water your veggies.  It acts as an insulating layer keeping the soil cooler in the summer and roots like that!

The potatoes are mulched

The potatoes are mulched

I’ve already mulched the potatoes and I’ll work my way around the allotment this week.

But just to lighten this post – there is plenty of green still around the place. I’m harvesting lovely carrots but I would grow them anyway just for the pretty carrot tops.

pretty carrot tops

pretty carrot tops

Love these peas. They have a lovely snap when you break them open. Could be why they call them Sugar Snaps. :)

Pretty peas

Pretty peas

And I grow these Cosmos flowers amongst the vegetables, just for the insects.

For the insects

Cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus)

Happy Gardening.

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. narf77
    Sep 27, 2013 @ 05:31:24

    Its been raining since Sunday here…again I can only marvel at how different states in Australia can be. Wish I could send you up a bit of rain. I heard about the temperatures and am now glad I decided to stay here rather than head off to Queensland in search of that tropical fruit. I think I might wait till winter next year ;). Love your garden, your stoic mulching and the price of that mulch. Our sugar cane mulch comes in bags and costs $12 a bag!


    • Allotment adventures with Jean
      Sep 27, 2013 @ 18:19:53

      I could do with some of your rain Fran.
      I think we get the good price for the mulch because the farm buys a full load. Lucky us.


      • narf77
        Sep 28, 2013 @ 03:47:01

        I have taken heed and have decided that rather than wasting the eucalyptus leaves and bark that the birds strip off and the “bits” that drop off trees and shrubs all over the place here I am going to rake it all up and put it back onto the ornamental gardens. The chooks tend to dig it all out in search of the elusive worms but I have decided that I am going to put the twigs and small branches on the gardens as well as a sort of chook fortification ;). Waste not want not and when money isn’t high on your list of things that you can throw out of your window with glee, you need to get clever. We have a free resource that we usually burn but this year it’s going back onto the garden. I don’t care if it makes the garden look a little scrappy at the moment, once the trees and shrubs that we have been planting all start to grow they will take over their space. Cheers for the heads up and reminder that soil needs protection and that it eventually rewards your efforts by becoming something wonderful. Still raining on and off here but I am counting my blessings as the riverlets run down the deep furrows in the driveway. I am just going to rename it Serendipity Farm Spring and be done with it! ;)

      • Allotment adventures with Jean
        Sep 28, 2013 @ 13:11:57

        Fran we use a chop and drop system in the food forrest at the farm. Looks tatty but it feeds the soil and provides it’s own mulch. Brilliant.

  2. cathyandchucky
    Sep 27, 2013 @ 08:56:01

    It is wet and blustery weather in Albany Jean. It is lovely in the morning when I first get up then in comes the howling gales and driving rain! Ooh shhhh the sun has just peeped out from behind a cloud, fingers crossed it stays today :D


  3. Heidi @ lightlycrunchy
    Sep 28, 2013 @ 02:29:00

    We are having a beautiful autumn here – everything looks beautiful and green on your end. Ours is soon to be red and gold all over.


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